Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 16

So today I had to contend with these blisters on my feet. I cleaned and dressed them when I got home from work, and they seemed to be doing alright.

I decided to go ahead and do a light workout on them, so my Aunt and I walked a mile, then I went back out and ran a mile. There was a little mild discomfort from the blisters, but nothing more than I had felt all day, and I didn't think anything of it. However, due to a pretty major allergy attack, my run was only cut at 2 total miles today instead of the 4 I was scheduled to do.

When I got home I stripped my shoes off to check on my blisters, and I found that my left shoe had blood in it, and the dressing was soaked through.

This is what I was greeted with.
So yeah, I was pretty surprised about that. I took a shower to rinse it off and clean it with soap and stuff, and when I got out I used some rubbing alcohol on both of them. It hurt like hell, but it got em really clean and cleared out. I covered them again with neosporin and gauze to sit over night. When I got the left one cleaned up, I inspected it to see what was wrong, and there was just one tiny little spot that was a deeper layer than the rest of the blister, so I imagine that is where the blood came from. Now that its cleaned and I am off of it, its not bleeding or anything, so hopefully if I take it easy on them, it will help heal them really good. That being said, I am taking tomorrow off of my running schedule as well. I am gonna do a strength training and stretching day instead, so that I am still burning calories and getting a workout in. Thursday may be another workout as well, and Friday, being my off day, won't change. Hopefully I am ready to at least attempt a few miles by saturday without complicating my feet any further.

Here are some pictures of the blisters all cleaned up.
My right foot.

My left foot.

They are pretty gnarly. But I've had worse. It's just another set back. I am seriously hoping that things go a little better from here on out, I really want to train for this thing right.


  1. oh man, STOP! let it heal or a while! :)

  2. what a warrior! i would have stopped running until they were completely healed first!

  3. Yeah, you really SHOULD consider chillin' out for a day or so and just let 'em heal up...I mean jeez, those aren't blisters they're friggin' tears, man!

    Still, good jobbo though on runnin' two miles on THOSE things! There's always a lesson in everything, and in this it looks like it was a wonderful lesson in pain and how to handle it.

    At least it LOOKS like those friggin' hurt! To quote Mr. Jack House there a picture is worth a thousand words...and yours all say AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!

  4. Ahh nasty, make sure to keep it clean till it heals.

  5. Hate blisters! Not even a proper injury, they're just annoying.

  6. Clean it, dress it, rest it, beat it.

  7. Barefoot running? But.. that's why we invented shoes - cause the ground sucks :(

  8. Also, aside from that - props on trying to get healthy man. It's a life changing decision, and things only get better. A lot better.

  9. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit
    followed :D

  10. Yikes! I want to a 2 week long camping trip and came back with those all over my feet. No fun at all! Try throwing some baby powder into your socks before you run. It'll help, i promise.

  11. yeah dude...you should really let that heal.

  12. I don't want to piss on your parade, but those blisters are little babies compared to mine (six hours of fast paced walking in some really uncomfortable shoes; don't ask :S). :P
    So, a little tip.
    What I use to clean my blisters is some contact lens cleaner. It has hydrogen peroxide in it. You spill just a little on the blister and it... Well... Foams.
    That means that it's working.
    And suddenly, the blisters are clean. :)

    Following and supporting, mate! :)

  13. oh damn I remembered my days of hard work when I went to my grandparent's house for "vacation" they literally have a house on a mountain side so the stroll from the house to the nearest city is 10km of walking in stony roads lol. But yeah it's just occasional because sometimes the car wasn't always there. I got mini blisters walking barefooted in there though. It was better bare footed because the only shoe I had at the moment is an expensive one so I don't want it to be ruined by mud lol.

  14. jesus, those were some nasty blisters