Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 22

Alright, so as I said, I skipped a few days since my last run. And today I definitely felt it.

I went out running around 6:30 p.m. I met up with Ashlynn (The cute girl I have mentioned, who I now know is married with a baby) We ran the 2 mile loop, and that went alright, I have to say, I am pretty darn sure I slowed her down, but she was patient and kept my pace. Then after that, we stretched a bit, and she was all like "Lets go do the other loop."

Let me tell you about this other loop. Its only 1.65 miles long. But its all hills, and a long stretch of its is right out in the sun. I tend to avoid it in my runs, cause quite frankly I hate it. But Ashlynn wanted to run it, and I figured since I had already taken away from her workout, I could at least give it a go.

It was tough guys, I should be able to knock 3.65 miles out like its nothing, even with hills. But taking nearly a week off really killed me guys. But after all was said and done, I felt a lot better for having gone out and ran. So I think I will begin to do better again. I am hoping to be ready for my 7 mile long run on sunday.

In other news. I actually purchased a pair of barefoot running shoes today. They aren't the Vibram brand I posted a picture of previously. They are Fila brand. They are pretty nifty and about half the price of the Vibrams. Of course, you get what you pay for. They are a lot lower in quality, but they are great for getting me into it. So after my run earlier, I went back out around my neighborhood, and ran a mile in them. It was definitely different. But I liked it, and it felt pretty good, so I am definitely gonna start easing them into my workouts on a normal basis.

Update for tomorrow will be my "Impossible List" which I have been working on for a few days now. It's a pretty exciting prospect.


  1. a pair of barefoot running shoes?

    hey, that's cheating! lol

  2. Hope the barefoot shoes work and your feet feel a bit better man.

  3. GOOD! Good on you, bro, and welcome back to ridin' that horse, hoss!

    Now don't backslide THAT back again, yeah? You know yer crowd is rootin' for you, bro, and you may be able to let yourself down...but you CAN'T let us down, right?

    C'mon bro, YOU CAN DO IT!

    Speaking of you can do it, uhhhhhhgh....I didn't get a chance to comment about the hottie with a kid and a hubby.

    Ashlynn was it? Man, that sounds hot. And she runs regularly? Definitely hot. I bet she does yoga. I bet she does loooots of Yoga. Bikram Yoga, all sweat-covered and contorted in sweaty poses and I'll stop right there.

    I'm a bad influence in this kind of situation, bro. I'm halfway between suggesting that you should leave that alone (after all, she DOES have a kid...) versus GO FOR IT, WHERE THE FUCK IS HER HUSBAND HE AIN'T THERE HUH?! SOUNDS LIKE IT'S ALL CLEAR FOR PLAYA PLAYAAAAA BROTHA!

    So yeaaaaah, let's just drop THAT subject right now, hmmm? I swear to you, on my honor, I won't respond to it even if you bring her up again in your posts.

    ...though I do have to ask, where is the husband hmmm? She DID slow down for you, ehhhh?


    Pop ya colla, bro. Go get yer run on, eh? Me, I'm gonna tackle two full (for me up to date) muscle routines tomorrow. Once when I wake up, once before I go to bed, and seeing what I can do to add my Perfect Pushups back into the routine.

    Even if I do live in a super-cramped space, it's modular enough for me to USUALLY handle what I need...I should hopefully be able to make enough space for those suckers.

  4. It's hell trying to get back into the exercise game. I should know, I did it once and I'll be doing it again when my knee heals.

  5. Let us know how the Fila barefoot shoes are. My brother has a pair of them but he's never worn them =/

    Very good post! Check out my blog and be sure to comment! Thanks for the $upport -- I will always return the favor ;)

  6. I hate that feeling of skipping out on a workout for a couple days. I'm glad you got back into it quickly!

  7. I've been going to the gym 6 days a week for the last 4 years, working out is natural to me these days..

    Reading this blog is really interesting, most people lack willpower when it comes to working out. You certainly don't, I am proud of you. Keep it up!


  8. my mom ran a half marathon. it's a journey man, but keep up the hard work!

  9. How good are those barefoot shoes ? I was considering getting a pair myself !