Monday, August 8, 2011

Sorry Guys

Sorry I haven't been updating in a few days, or being sociable to any of my blogger friends. I had a lot going on, then I got really lazy right afterwards. Not an excuse really, but its what happened.

In the midst of all that, I haven't gotten around to running or doing anything really in the last like 3 or 4 days. I feel like a bum, and I am already noticing backwards progress. So I kinda of kicked myself in the rear today, and decided that its really time to buckle down and get this thing in motion.

The cute girl that I ran with for a few miles the other week came into Starbucks today. I chitchatted with her for a while about running and stuff, and why she hadn't seen me out there, and she said we could run together more often, so thats definitely a motivation. Although, I did find out she's married with a child, so that kind of dampers anything that could go on there. But still its good to have a friendly face to look forward to on some of the tougher runs.

Another project I am working on is making my "Impossible List". The list of all the 'impossible' things I want to accomplish in my lifetime. Its basically a glorified bucket list. But still, sitting down the last few days to make it, has been a motivation in and of itself. I will write a whole post dedicated to it when I get it done tonight or tomorrow.

Other than that, I could use some emotional cheering on to not be lazy and get out there and work my butt off in preparation. Thanks guys!


  1. the impossible list sounds like a good idea :) DO ET

  2. Dude, WHAT?!

    Alright, happens. Backsliding DOES happen, but you've taken the first step and that's realizing that you've honestly fallen.

    Now get. Back. Up.

    Serious bro, you can do this. Your next post (tomorrow if not tonight, yah?!) is gonna be about how you jogged a bit then ran two miles, then jogged a mile.

    Even if you gotta ease back into it, I don't wanna see another post like this, man! Give us that "I RAN FIVE MILES STRAIGHT!" post again!

    I want to see that again, you!


    Tomorrow, new post after you go for a run, yeah? You got this?

    YOU GOT THIS!!!!

  3. ouch... the marriage bomb. i hope you aren't a homewrecker

  4. @ChazWellington I am. Twice. :D Never again though, being the other dude is never that much fun in the end...but MAN, is it good shit in the beginning!

    One of those dudes had it comin' though. Ya don't worship Transformers: Beast Wars over spending ANY kind of time with your lady. The second time, the other guy I didn't even KNOW 'bout 'til after we, er..."took it to the next level."

    Admittedly they were a swinger couple, but I don't play that shit: you come correct and lemme know 'bout that kinda shit or you can kick rocks.