Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sooo....uh yeah...Day 15

Yesterday was a bit of a bust.

So I am an idiot, and its totally my fault. But I got all jazzed up about going out and doing my first barefoot running that I didn't really think any of it through. At 2 in the afternoon in 95+ temperatures, I decide its a good time to go put in a good 2 mile barefoot run. I get to the path, and I am all excited for it. Man I am ready to do this...

I start running down this nice bright sunny path in the heat. I am already trying to pay attention to my new stride, and how my feet are falling, its going great for about the first 20 steps. Then I notice a weird and sudden pain in the balls of my feet. I stop and look down, and already my feet are blistering. I didn't even think about the pavement being an issue, I just was focused on not stubbing my toes or stepping on anything. So I hobble back to the car, and drive home. Assessing the damage, I have two silver dollar sized blisters on the balls of my foot. So I immediately pop them and drain them to alleviate the pressure, and then doctor them up with hydrogen peroxide and neosporin.

Today, they didn't hurt terribly, but I definitely noticed them at work standing around all day. When I got home just a little while ago, I reopened them, drained them again, then cut off all the excess skin. I cleaned em out good with peroxide, and covered them with gauze and medical tape. Now I can walk on them just fine, and I plan on still running my 4 miles tonight, but with shoes on. I won't be down in miles for this week though, cause I walked those 2 the other night, but I just switched the days I would be running them on. So it all works out. But I think I am just gonna wait til next week when I get my shoes to start the barefoot process.


  1. ouch! that's gotta suck, bro! take care

  2. ouch... maybe its better to invest in shoes that feel like your running barefoot instead of actually doing it

  3. EUUUUUGH, that's why I don't go for new-fangled techniques if it'll put me out of commission for too long.

    I mean, a light jog to test 'em out sure...but goin' for two miles in a run?

    Let it be a lesson, bro, at least as far as these new-fangled footsies-shoes are concerned, eh?

    Of course running in 95+ heat is gonna suck anyway...

    Oh well! Best thing to do would be to heal, yes? Heal up then get back on it! Better to rest for a day or two then get back to it rather than try to push and end up doing worse damage...

    Unless I'm wrong, in which case fuck iiiit, just go for it~!!

  4. Ouch, might be awhile before your feet get used to it since most peoples feet are soft from shoe use.

  5. Dude I feel you! I do that all the time on a tropical country I use to live and I run barefooted at noon time on stony roads. the longest I walked is probably 3-4km from the town to our house lol.