Sunday, August 28, 2011


So these last two weeks have been a lot of bumming around, and not really doing anything productive. I let my birthday weekend turn into a birthday 2 weeks. It was abysmal in terms of doing anything good for my body, and I definitely set back a bit.

But on the bright side. My aunt and I really committed to the next 90 days to get in the best shape of our lives. She purchased the Tracy Andersons Metamorphosis workout series. Its similar to the P90X program in style, but geared directly at women. It's a really legit looking program, and doing one of the workouts today, I got my butt kicked. I on the other hand, will be sticking with the P90X program, as well as incorporating my running regiment until my half-marathon in 4 weeks.

Today was day 1 for her, and tomorrow is day 1 for me. That makes Sundays my off days. Last night, we both sat down and got our body measurements, I did the fitness test, and we took out "Before" photos.

I am warning you now. If you don't want to see pictures of a fat hairy guy in nothing but workout shorts. Don't scroll down any further on this page. 

Current Measurments
Weight: 234 lbs
Biceps: 15 in
Chest: 44 1/2 in
Waist: 44 in
Hips: 43 3/4 in
Thighs: 25 in

So yeah. I am definitely in need of a radical change in my lifestyle. But I am hoping through changes in eating habits, working out, and motivation from my aunt, from family, and friends, that I will be able to achieve my goals, and much more. In 90 days, I am looking to be down close to 200 lbs. 34 pounds in 90 days. Thats a lil more than a pound every 3 days. Which is easily attainable with all the work I plan on doing.

I am making healthier choices when it comes to eating. Limiting myself to a 2000 calorie diet, eating more throughout the day instead of big meals late at night. I also added a protein shake to my daily intake, every day after I workout.

I am also using a thermogenic, which is a weight loss supplement, designed to raise core temperatures in the body, and speed metabolism. That, coupled with a workout program, a healthier diet, and continued motivation, will definitely help drive me to success.

Every 10 days I will be retaking my measurement, and every 30 days, I will be doing new pictures to monitor progress. I am looking forward to sharing my results with you guys, and seeing just how much I can really change my lifestyle in the next few months! Thanks for your continued support and love guys! I promise that I will be much better about updating, and getting around to showing some love and support to all you guys from here on out!

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  1. Hey, have you ever thought about the whole eating eight small meals throughout the day rather than three main meals a day?

    I've been readin' more on it, and it's definitely a "stated" pattern (who knows if these people were snacking on the side) amongst those who are considered "physically fit" if not "ripped."

    Look at it like this - guys like us already HAVE the weight needed to transform into muscle, so we don't need to bother with whey proteins and extra shit.

    In b4 someone points out that we should still be gaining weight while working out.

    In b4 skinny bastards hatin' on my comment.