Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 24 and 25

Yesterday I ran 2 miles on my new barefoot/minimalist shoes. It went extremely well.

Today I ran 2 more today in them as well. They are really comfortable, and are doing really well as to improving my stride and leg problems.

Not a whole lot else to update on. I am tired and don't really feel like writing it all out tonight. I will give a proper full length blog about my experience in the shoes, and a lot of in general info about them tomorrow.


  1. you run in concrete? sand or grass is much better for any of your leg problems

  2. Lookin' forward to hearin' your experience with those barefoot shoes~!

    Hey, good run today m'man.. especially considering that you're trying out new gear.

    Out of morbid curiosity, when is the half-marathon again? Remember what your goals is, bro, and keep doin' what you do...and doin' it well, by the way!

  3. Sounds like the barefoot thing is working for you. Might be hard to even ware shoes and feel comfortable soon.

  4. which barefoot shoes do you have? im looking at buying a pair (preferably amphibious as i live near a beach)