Sunday, August 14, 2011

day 28

Yesterday was a really nice rest day. Did a whole lot of nothing, and really enjoyed it!

Today, I kicked my own ass. I got up and went to church, which was freaking awesome this morning, so I was in a really good mood. My cousin invited me to go to a hot wing cookoff thing tonight, so I figured I would get my running in early instead of waiting til dusk. But since we are in the middle of a bunch of storms and gloomy weather, and for the sake of my nipples, I didn't want to go running in the rain, I decided to hit the treadmill for the first time in my training. It was weird, and actually a whole lot harder than running outside. And I didn't even have the incline up.

I popped Inception into the dvd player in our workout room, and I started running. I set the treadmill on speed level 6, which was supposedly a 10:00 minute mile. It felt like I was sprinting on this machine. So I scaled it back to 4, which was supposedly a 15:00 minute mile. It felt more like my normal 9:20-9:40 pace. My training for today was to do 7 miles. So I was in for the long haul on this machine. I fluctuated in speed between level 3 (a 20:00 minute mile) and level 4. All in all, I didn't reach the treadmills 7 mile marker for an hour and 50 minutes. I think something was very wrong with either the distance measurement on the machine, or its speed. I know for a fact I can do seven miles a lot quicker than that, with less effort. But for the sake of my training, I am calling it at 7 miles, even though I feel that I most likely did more. The treadmill is like 10 years old, so it wouldn't be a stretch for it to be faulty.

But no matter what way you look at it, I definitely ran at least 7 miles today. And I did it in my barefoot shoes. Definitely felt it. For sure. My calves are killing me. Although, I cannot wait until they start getting even more developed looking than they already are. I personally think I have very sexy calves. But thats just me.

Anyways. Due to going out tonight, I am most likely not going to get to do the educational update about barefoot running. Tomorrow is my birthday, I'm turning 21, so I very much highly doubt that I will be getting that up this week. Between celebrating here, and then heading home over the weekend  to celebrate with my family in Missouri, I will be pretty hard pressed to sit down and put that together. I do however plan to still be on or at least near target for my training this week, and will still update about that. Hopefully alcohol and partying don't ruin too much of my training :p but we shall see.


  1. YEAAAAAH BOYEE!!!! This is EXACTLY what I want to see!

    Good run, bro, good run (faulty treadmill and what-not), and hey: happy early birthday!

  2. Sounds like a pain in the legs! Get some Icy Hot

  3. I used to workout to Hans Zimmer music (the guy who made the music for Inception, Batman Begins, Dark Knight, etc). It's seriously such adrenaline-pumping music!

  4. never heard of anyone not running for the sake of their nipples hahaha

  5. @ChazWellington

    Haha yeah, running long distances in a cotton shirt without a bandaid or something covering your nipples really rubs them raw. It's happened a few times in the last few weeks. It's pain enough to bring a tear to the eye.

  6. dude i wish i could run at all even.... kills my knees

  7. it really kill the knees :S

  8. Hot wings sound pretty good. Happy Birthday for tomorrow!