Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Off to a pretty good start.

Yesterday was pretty intense. I got home from work at about 1 in the afternoon. I almost immediately went downstairs and did the day 1 of P90X. Its Chest and Back. So its mostly push-ups and pull-ups, with a few weighted lifts thrown in. It kicked butt, mostly because of the thermogenic I am on giving me a lot of extra energy that I poured into the workout. I did 125 push-ups, and 75 pull-ups (with a chair for assistance.) It was pretty beastly feeling. Then when I was done, I went out and ran 5 miles. I ran the first 4 miles without much problem, but the last mile I definitely started to bonk out.

I am gonna go to the store this week to look into the GU energy packets, so that I can get used to them before my race in 4 weeks.

Today is the Plyometric Cardio day for P90X, plus a 5 mile bike ride, or maybe some rollerblading, depending on what I fancy here in a few hours. Will update about how that all goes!


  1. Oh damn, just reminded me that I rly need to start running again.

  2. YEAH, boyee!!!! THAT'S what I like to hear!!!!

    Get on it, GET ON IT!!! You have 4 weeks, right? Right.

    What was the distance on that marathon again? 5 miles or 7?

    Yer on it though bro, you're DEFINITELY on it. Now keep it up!