Monday, July 18, 2011

Aspire to Perspire.

Alright. Today marks Day 1 of my 9 weeks half-marathon training. So far the psyching myself up aspect has been pretty intense. I have been drinking lots of water today in prep of my first big run.

Basically my training schedule looks like this each week. Sunday will be my big long run day, starting at 6-7 miles and ending at 10-11 miles in 9 weeks. Mondays will be a light stretch and recovery day, nothing major at all. Tuesdays will be my lighter runs, ranging from 2-4 miles in length as the weeks progress. Wednesdays are cross training. So walking, biking, rollerblading, even light weight training. Thursdays are medium distance runs ranging from 5-7 miles throughout the program. Friday is another light easy rest day. And Saturday is another easy distance 2-4 miles as well as a 30 minute recovery period of light to moderate walking.

In conjunction with my training I will be dieting accordingly. Higher amounts of complex carbohydrates as well as plenty of protein on my hard days. Fruits and vegetables as snacks, low sodium throughout so I don't retain water, etc. The plan is pretty hardcore, but I am totally psyched about it!

Tonights run was pretty good. I got going at a pretty good pace, and ran out two miles at a 9.5 minute mile. I walked the next mile and stretched lightly before I got going again, and did another 2.65 miles. So only finished 5.65 miles today. Conditions outside were pretty humid and muggy, and it was about 87 degrees out there. Started running about 8:45 p.m. and finished at around 9:45 p.m. as the sun was setting. Sweat more than I have in a long while.

Noticed a little bit of soreness in my right ankle, adjusted my stride and quickened my foot turnover and it helped alleviate it. Looking into getting some new shoes here soon. Hardcore looking to try out the barefoot running style shoes by Vibram, or the Skele-toes shoes from Fila. Probably gonna get a pair next week. Will update about how I feel running in them.

Alright! Day 1 is down and I am really feeling good about it!


  1. Wah-oh, bro...don't get it twisted, I commend you for setting and starting on this goal and actively, y'know, DOING the damn thing...

    But you fell short of your goal on the first day. I may not be a cardio guy, but I >AM< a muscle guy, and I can tell you this right now - set the goal, then at LEAST meet it. Hell, as a cardio guy you oughta know the sayin' "Don't stop runnin' 'til you cross the line" and such...

    I know I'm just some guy followin' ya 'round on the Internuggets, but lemme tell ya: you don't post public information on a public medium without expecting at least one jerkass showin' ya tough love.

    SO, sososososo...tomorrow you gonna meet that goal, or are you just gonna settle again?


    Also, Captcha's on. CAPTCHA INFURIATES AND AGNERS ME yes I misspelled that on purpose...

  2. Keep up the pace... I hope you're not gonna jsut stop someday


  3. i tried something like this a few years back, but i had no previous knowledge or experience of doing it properly and ended up doing less and less each day before finally giving up. im hoping to restart after the summer :)