Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 2 part 2

Sorry for not updating last night. I got done with the work out, then crashed. I had to work at 4:30 this morning, so I needed my sleep.

Anyways, Yesteday was a cross training day. So I did a 10 minute ab workout on the t.v. with my aunt, and followed that up with a 15 minute cardio workout on there as well. Those two actually kicked my butt. I was very impressed with the intensity level of those two. After I finished with them, I went downstairs and did the Chest and Back day from P90X. Because I am currently trying to slim up, and improve cardio fitness instead of making muscular gains, I sort of cheated and skipped some of the intense moves, only because I didn't want to wear myself out in the wrong way for marathon training.

Overall my workout went really well. I felt great about the ab and cardio workout, but I think the chest and back one might have been too much on top of it for the day. I need to be careful not to over do this too early. I don't want to start with a bang, fizzle out, and end up not going the distance on this plan.


  1. Watch out, sometimes heavy workout is not really healthy if you are not used to

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  3. Y'know, I think I'm gonna get judged for this judge away, by all means!

    Y'know the ab roller? Yeah, I got one. It hurt like a SONUVABITCH the first coupla times I used it, but afterwards...?

    Effin' noice, yo. I'm pulling off sets with no pain whatsoever, even workin' on my obliques (for all that I'm going to have eternal love handles) and what-not.

    But you're completely correct in ixnaying the more intense parts of P90X - you ARE about cardio, though muscle gain will also help.

    Don't quote me on that though...

    Anyway, just sharin' pain witcha, m'man. NO GAIN WITHOUT PAIN!!!!!