Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 2

Today I am definitely feeling pretty sore after yesterday. Nothing I am not used to, but I definitely feel it. Under normal circumstances, today should be a rest day, but I realized that I started day 1 yesterday, which was a Monday, and I want my long runs to be on Sundays, so i am skipping a rest day this week, and doing my cross training day today. I opted to do a light weight strength training workout, so as to still give my legs the rest they need for my run tomorrow. Plus its like 103 degrees outside, so I don't really want a heat stroke.

My weight training exercise is the Chest and Back workout from the P90X program, which is one of my all time favorite workout programs. Its a bunch of pushups and pullups and it really does some wonders for my upper body. So thats what I am gonna go do here shortly. I've done it a lot of times before, so I know what to expect and how it feels. So no real need to update here, though I mighht post afterwards just to get it documented as part of my training.

Todays mental mindset is pretty tired from working early, and having a semi-stressful day at work, plus some problems I ran into on the way home cashing my check and such. Although my mood was considerably brightened when in the midst of all the trouble at the bank, I took an opportunity to hit on the teller who was a cute young lady, and I got her number. So yeah, I think the good is outweighing the bad in my head today. We will see how the day affects my workout here shortly though.

As to people giving me some crap about not finishing the full 7 miles yesterday, I know I didn't meet my training regiments outline on day 1. But the program is a flexible schedule telling you to do what you can. I ran a full 5 miles yesterday which is unheard of for me, and was more than I am normally capable of. I know my limits and I did not want to kill myself on day 1. If I could have done the full 7 without causing injury that would have actually set my schedule back further then I would have. I am a 240 pound big guy, running isn't exactly my forte, so I will take what I got. Its not about meeting each and every expectation and rigid number of miles every day, its about working to the point that I am getting the absolute most out of my body before I go too far and start negatively affecting myself. Thats why I am documenting my progress and the factors that affect my workouts so that I can look back and know what happened, and why I did what I did or why I may have felt like doing more if some days call for it. Its all relative, and I know what I am doing. I do appreciate the input though, and it is actually a good motivator.

Well, gonna go workout and eat dinner. Will update a lil bit more later! Thanks for the support, encouragement, and tips guys!


  1. Pffft, "crap." I SAID it was tough love, didn't I?

    I'm fairly certain I did.

    Now, 240 lbs? Huh, yer pretty close to my normal homeostatic weight (250 lbs), I was under the impression that you were an ectomorphic type.

    Meh, assumptions and that whole shebang...

    Anyway, P90X is a superb workout~! Keep that kinda mentality up, m'man!

  2. Hey hey, I'm real interested on your progress! You're lookin good so far mate! keep it up

  3. Should do starting strength if you wanna get huge and beared up, but if you wanna lose weight and gain fitness but not get giant, you're pretty good with what you're doing. I'll follow your progress :)

  4. whoa dude great stuff I can't wait to VIEW your progress.

  5. I need to start working out too, I'm really out of shape.

  6. reading this lets me recognize that i should train too... but the lazyness ^^

  7. Just remember to eat complex carbs :P

  8. working out in 102 degree weather is something i would skip out on too

  9. I need to start lifting again, but the hardest part to me is gaining weight