Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hell yeah day 13

Today was freaking awesome!

So I worked this morning, it was freaking killer. We were slammed from 6:45 a.m. til around 11:00 a.m. with a line out the parking lot in our drive thru. But it was fun, and we had a killer team there today, so we rocked it out. I was in a great mood all morning long, and came home feeling great!
Once I got home nothing really happened, I sat around for a couple of hours waiting for my aunt and uncle. We went to see that last Harry Potter movie, since they hadn't seen it yet. So that was exciting. I ate a lot of popcorn, so I was kinda worried that those starchy empty calories might ruin my run. Then on the way home, my uncle stopped by McDonalds. I got a 10-piece chicken nuggets to eat when I got done with my run.
So pre-run, I am in a great mood, a lil worried about my eating for the day, but all in all, ready to get back into it after my two days of recovery.

I get going into my first mile, and I notice that I am running a little bit faster than usual, but it feels good, so I keep it up. I round the post at the end of the mile and think to myself "I feel great!", so I don't stop to stretch or anything like I usually do. I run the whole mile back to the start of the path, and I still felt really good, so I turned back and ran the two mile path again. As I neared the end of my 4th mile, I was hurting a little bit. But a lot of motivational stuff I had found over my recovery day came to mind, and as I ended the second 2 mile loop, I was like "What the hell" and I turned back around and ran halfway up the loop and then back, making an even 5 miles which was my training goal for the day. I ran 5 consecutive miles today. Without walking a single step. I am ecstatic! Today really really really encouraged me for the rest of my training season. Thank you guys so much for you support on here, and your encouraging comments, a lot of them actually came to mind as I was running, and sort of gave me some boosts. One thing that also spurred me on is thinking of what @That Bastard From Bellingham would say when he read that I ran 5 miles without walking. He's always got a lot of good stuff to say in his comments.

Tomorrow I am gonna do a mile barefoot to get started on that realm, and its also a recovery and strength/stretching day.


  1. how do you run barefooted? i would imagine bad things could happen by doing that.

  2. @Mike

    Its actually not bad at all. You just gotta keep an eye out for things you could step on. Other than that, its insanely good for you. Shoes are great for protecting from the elements, but they don't allow your body to move as it was designed to do.

  3. How was the new harry potter man?

  4. I walk barefoot to home from the beatch, its relaxing :)

  5. well, post results on this barefoot jogging, i wanna do it too!

  6. Dude, I only got one thing...well, no, two things to say to ya.


    Now ya gotta keep it up! Remember, ya did it once and that's fuckin' awesome! Enjoy the feel, bro, and let it linger in the back of your mind like a fine wine...

    And now, you have a higher bar you must reach. You set this goal, and you can DO IT, man!

    Keep goin', keep improving and keep reachin' for that goal until you can consistently do it.

    Runnin' five miles all the way, no stop all go BIG NUTS!

    If I knew ya in real life, I'd give ya a congratulatory headbutt, bro.