Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 12-13

Yesterday was a pretty good day as far as recovery goes. I felt a lot less stopped up, and I managed to get through the day feeling pretty darn good. I decided to be a rebel and go out for a quick little mile run. It went well, but it was right after I had eaten dinner, and I got a little queasy, nothing major though. But tip for the future, don't go running immediately after a big dinner at a mexican restaurant. It can kill you, literally....

In other news, while I was out researching and doing my recovery, I found a new plan to follow for the remainder of my training that I like better. So I looked into it, I got it calibrated with my google calendar, so now I get a reminder sent my phone of what I am supposed to day for the day. So tonight will become my semi-long run. the way it works is instead of doing one really long run, and 2 short runs, I do 3 medium distance runs, and one semi-long one, which works its way up to 10 miles in distance by the time I taper my training for my race.

On another note, after a lot of thought given over the last two or three weeks, and in general because I feel good about the idea, I am going to start experimenting with the barefoot/minimalist running thing. If you've never heard of it, basically its a lot of scientific study showing that the human body is designed to run barefoot, and that shoes are actually a lot worse off for the health of your foot due to allowing for improper pronation, and making it so that you land on your heel instead of your midfoot, which causes a lot of shin and knee problems. The solution is to run either barefoot, or get a minimalist shoe, which is designed to make its you run as if you were barefoot, but you have protection from the elements.

Plus they look really cool!
So I am gonna ease my way into, and on my low distance days this week, try and take them barefoot, and look into buying my shoes in the next week or two. I will keep you guys updated!


  1. I remember reading somewhere about the whole shoes being bad for you ;/ Those shoes looks pretty cool, weird though ><

  2. Interesting shoes, come to think of it if the toes and move individually they may make good climbing shoes too since you would be able to grab the rope between your toes if need be.

  3. Wooooah...those are some"footwear"...