Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 10

So its official. I am ill. I went out today to go do my 5 miles, and as soon as I started running, I began to feel like absolute crap. My lungs couldn't handle even my normal pace, my nose was all clogged up and I couldn't breath right, and my whole body just started to shut down. I barely got two miles in before I just had to call it. After talking to some of my running buddies, I decided that I am gonna take tomorrow, friday, and saturday off of running, and just do some lighter workouts in the house, and spend my two days off really resting and recouping. I have been hitting it hard enough the last two weeks that I can afford to do this early on, so that come Sunday, I am ready for my long run.

Its a bit of a bummer and a setback, but I sincerely think I will come off better for it when I go out on Sunday.

In the mean time, I am gonna do some studying up on some proper running technique, breathing, and some recovery info. I will do some research and pass what I find on to you guys!


  1. orange juice and rest! get well soon!

  2. Rest and recovery are important, and a sickness may lay you low but at least yer trainin' yer mind.

    Get well soon, m'man!

  3. dont stress your body too much until you feel better

  4. i told you to rest!

    now, try to meditate, it will help you to focus and control your breathing, maybe you will be able to run an extra mile next time ;)