Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 9.

Sorry I didn't update yesterday. It was a really crappy day. I feel like I may be catching a cold. Honestly, who gets a cold in the middle of July?!

But yeah, I was up at 4:30 for work, and I was sniffles and sneezes all day. Plus I was very lathargic and sore all day. So I opted not to do any running in order to rest and recouperate. Today I am feeling a whole lot better, and I am gonna do my five miles tonight, as well as my five miles tomorrow night. I have tomorrow and friday off of work, so friday will be a rest day that I can sleep in. Thats something great to look forward to. Seeing as how I just got off work and stuff now though, I am gonna chill out for a few hours and go running tonight. I will update later how that goes. Also tomorrow will be an informational post as well as progress, so look out for that!

Update you guys later!


  1. I can get cold in the middle of July, it's pretty cold here, right now :s

  2. enjoy your day off. i'll wait for your next post

  3. hope you get better. And lol you're not the only one who gets cold in July haha. 2 out of 10 bloggers I follow has cold, Good to see that you recuperated a little bit. Have fun on your run!

  4. i think it's better to rest a whole day between your running miles. you will avoid getting sick or hurting your knees and feet.

  5. Out of morbid curiosity, are you taking any supplements?

    The reason why I ask is that I myself use GNC Mega Men Sport multivitamins (SPOOOOORTS I'm not even in a friggin' sport right now wtf, I use it for the "pre-creatine") and it wasn't until recently that I noticed that it apparently has Vitamin D-3 that "supports colon health and immune support."

    Let's not talk about my colon, but if certain supplements help aid yer immune system it might be somethin' you wanna look into. Hell, even before I used this stuff if I was about to get sick I'd use what I call my "Cold Cocktail": Sprite, orange juice, cranberry juice, vitamin C, vitamin D (fish oil soft gel caps), and an ibuprofen. Usually I'll pop a Airborne fizzy tab in it as well, or one of those Emergen-C packs.

    It may not work 100% of the time but it usually helps me get into being sick and gettin' out of it as fast as possible.

  6. @That Bastard From Bellingham
    I am not actually taking any supplements. I don't really have any money to afford anything to take. I know creatine is great for muscle gains and stuff, and its something I am gonna look into when I get done with this and start putting on some muscle for the Navy, but right now, I am sticking to a high carb and protein diet as a way to get my nutrition. Your Cold Cocktail sounds pretty awesome, wish I had it. Today was freaking tough, and I felt like crap.

  7. Yeah, I'm only doing the creatine because of the improved super-recovery really. To be quite honest if you don't drink a lot of water, it'll dehydrate you bad enough to get headaches, ESPECIALLY the MuscleTech stuff.

    Dude, the Cold Cocktail works in just about any series of doses, it's all up to you how many parts of what you wanna add.

    I also drink quite a bit of Low Sodium V8. Gotta get yer low sodium somewhere, y'knowwhatImean?

    Anyway, you're doing it right - chicken, eggs and beef man. Like Old Spice it worked for our fathers, grandfathers and beyond and it can work today.

    ...did I already mention that on your blog? If I didn't, there ya go.