Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 8

Today was a rest day. Spent the morning at work, as usual. Had a decent day, nothing really of note that would have altered my mood too much. Jokes and general levity as usual there.

Slept some this afternoon. Ate a nice dinner of salmon, rice, and asparagus. Sat down and watched the second Harry Potter movie. Gonna watch all of them again this week, then go see the newest one again with my Aunt and Uncle this weekend. So that was pretty fun.

Went for a light 1 mile walk with my aunt and uncle. Today was so much nicer outside than it has been. I am hoping this ungodly heat is gone for a while.

Other than that it was a chill day. Looking forward to the 5 mile trek tomorrow.

I am contemplating signing up for a 5K on august 13th. That would be a good first test to see how I am doing, and I think with the progress I have made, that the results from that would be very encouraging for the remainder of my training process.

On another note, besides documenting my training here for my own purposes, I am going to utilize this blog to put some general info on running and other exercise out there for all who stop by to read what I am doing here. I figure its got to be pretty boring reading about some random dude running all the time. So I will start doing a couple of informative posts a week about whatever I am looking into, or something beneficial to the exercise society!


  1. Salmon is my favorite fish by far, good taste.

  2. when your day is not so legendary its better to post something informative, i agree :P

  3. A monday as a rest day. Lucky you.

  4. You should def sign up the 5k mate, nothing like a challenge to test yourself! We're getting amazing weather in Ireland, went for a 5k this morning down to the beach, scenery was truely epic

  5. I'm seconding what Bigshanks posted, it's definitely a good idea to consider the 5K there.

    One should set benchmarks and test one's abilities, and this sounds like the right step towards your marathon goal!

  6. I agree, the 5k will be a huge achievement for you since it not only will show you how far you have come but it will also be a great training exercise.